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After the legalization of marijuana planting & consumption in United States, Canada and many other countries, a CDB Oil has been very hot topic in all countries and many people are very interested in it, but it is still not very clear whenever it is hundred percent safe and effective for usage? Or it may do more harm than good?

Today, we will try to answer those question and make it clear for everyone who is interested in this topic.

Is CBD Oil safe to use?

The first question that needs to be answered is whenever this product is safe to use or not, even if it is super effective, still there is no a good reason to use it if the safety of it is in question and the usage may be a high risk.

Most experts agree that some CBD Oil can be really safe to use, of course when used with a limited dose and according to usage terms, but some CBD Oil can be really harmful and will do a lot of damage while providing little to no good at all. How we are supposed to differentiate good ones from harmful CBD Oils?? The question arises. According to experts, as CBD Oil is being produced without regulations and any control at all, it is like a real “Wild West” as some there is no any checks or control and while some products can be really good in quality, some are just too low quality, useless for usage.

The ones with very low quality also appear to have little or no effect at all while high quality ones are way more effective and way less harmful or danger for normal usage.

Is CBD Oil effective or it is just a myth?

There are many people who claim that CBD Oil is very effective for numerous medical issues treatment, however there are also some people who claim it to be absolutely useless. As it looks like, considering that there are many people who credit CBD Oil while many can’t get much value from it, it appears that it still comes down to quality.

While CBD Oil, produced from a high quality cannabis can be really a good treatment, CBD made from low quality cannabis is not really effective. As there is the lack of control for CBD production and there is not any regulations in place, the only real, reliable way to get high quality CBD Oil is by making it yourself from high quality cannabis, but the problem is, finding a high quality cannabis is another challenge, more on that later.

As for now, here are some common uses and positive effects of high quality CBD Oil:

  • People credit CBD Oil to be helpful to treat epileptic seizures, some people claim it to be somehow effective against it.
  • Some people also report it to be an effective treat for some kinds of inflammation.
  • CBD Oil is also a good weapon against anxiety and stress, according to many people, probably that is the most common use for it.
  • Another popular use of CBD Oil is treatment for sleeplessness – people report it to be effective way to easily fall in sleep.

How to get high quality CBD Oil

Now it is time to talk about ways to get high quality, really good, safer and very effective CBD Oil. As mentioned above, nowadays the best way to get good quality CBD Oil is by producing it from high quality cannabis plant. But the problem is, as there is also less control for cannabis quality in many countries and markets, it will not be easy to get high quality cannabis in a cheap or affordable rate.

To solve this issue, you can go with a popular choice that many people already do – grow cannabis seeds on your own, in your yard or your living room.

For this purpose, you will need to find the most trusted seed bank which will provide you with high quality, genuine cannabis seeds for sale, suitable for your environment, requirements and conditions, in a affordable & suitable rate. After that, you can start growing your own cannabis seeds, control the quality of each plant, so you can also control the quality of cannabis and make really high quality CBD Oil that will be effective and useful.

As the world continues to exist, develop, evolve and change, as we see new influential factors nearly every day, we also see new and more dangerous diseases and illnesses that are a huge threat to humanity, animals and plants, a huge threat to the whole world, the whole planet. To keep up with all of that, we need a development of medicine and for this reason, there are different kinds of medical researches, tests, experiments, different types of medical engineering…

All of that necessary processes require a lot of effort, hard work of many smart scientists, modern and advanced tech devices & facilities, a lot of time and of course, a lot of money. Still, without it, we would not have modern medicine which we have today, we would not have the ability to cure a lot of deadly diseases and probably we would not be able to survive all those centuries without a proper medical industry & development.

Today, one of the best-paid jobs are available in the medical industry, biomedical engineer’s salary is one of the highest in most countries as well as scientists are one of the highest paid professionals in the world and the reasons behind it are clear for everyone. Their job is very important for humans, animals, plants and for the whole earth itself. Their job is also one of the hardest and requires a lot of time, effort and dedication to see a success.

 All scientists, biomedical engineers, doctors and researchers who are working now or worked in the past are the ones who saved the world, who changed our lives and made deadly diseases & health issues possible to cure & fix. The process of biomedical research is hard, long, needs a lot of attention, wise decisions, and dedication, but in the end, you may get a life-changing discovery, or you may get nothing.

What is biomedical research and how it works

To get a better sense of how hard biomedical research actually is, how much effort it requires and why it still worth all of that hard work, first you need to know well what a biomedical research actually means, how it goes and why it is even needed.

Biomedical research is a very board area of science, it looks for different ways to cure diseases, solve health issues and prevent them from happening. Biomedical research is usually conducted in a laboratory and it uses different biotechnology techniques to run experiments and to get a suitable result. Discovery of new medicines, therapies and solutions is a hard task and requires wise experimentation and monitoring.

As many diseases have different effects while in a living body, there is often a need to monitor a living organism, experiment different medicines and therapies with it to find a suitable solution. For this reason, animals are often used as a test subject to ensure a potential cure is safe, has no critical side effects and is really effective against a disease.

Also, a continuous monitoring of a living body is often required to better learn and understand new diseases, understand how it reacts to different conditions, medicine and how it evolves in different environments.

Animals are most common test subjects, especially smaller animals as most diseases have similar effects on both – animal and human bodies. Also, they have a shorter life circle that makes it possible to monitor them in all lifespans in a short period of time. It is also easier to create a suitable environment for smaller animals than it would be in case of larger creatures like humans or big animals.

Most common test subjects in most countries are rats and mice as they are smaller, they are biologically quite similar to humans, they are easy to find, common in all countries & territories, have a short lifespan and are the host of many common diseases.

Each animal involved in tests and research is monitored for a long time before it is included in experiments, all data about the animal is collected and after that potentially effective solution for the animal’s disease is created. After that, the animal is the subject of experiments to see how medicine affects it, everything is still monitored for a long time. If the medicine was effective and suitable for use, then the test subject changes with a different animal and it all starts again – the final test subject is usually a human who agrees to it.

As there are different types of medical engineering, some of them are also working to find a cure for some diseases which are only common in the animals. In such cases, there is no need for human test subject participation.

The medical industry is evolving fast and it is one of the biggest industries in the world, as it is also one of the most important industries for every country. With the development of medicine, there is always a need for new jobs and new staffs as there are more and more sectors in modern medicine. Medical technicians are one of those specialists who appeared in last decades with the appearance of more and more complex medical devices that need a lot of configuration and management.

There were times when a doctor could handle all tech devices used in the medical industry, but in modern days where we have got a lot of new, different and sophisticated tech devices, it is really impossible for a single person to know how to use all of those devices, so the need for a new job appeared in the industry. Nowadays, careers for med technicians offer a lot of different paths in different sectors of medicine, each with their own specifics and different range of technical devices used in medicine. Some of them are so complex that each device requires combined work of several med technicians to get the job done.

The common working environment for medical technicians

Depending on the medical sector and the job a medical technician has chosen, the working environment can be slightly different. Just like there are many different types of doctors and scientists, there are also many different types of med technicians who are working in different sectors and facilities.

While most medical technicians are working in hospitals, many med technicians are also involved in numerous jobs in laboratories and researching centers. Doctor’s office is another common workplace for a medical technician.

Some of the most common sectors and workplaces for med technicians include:

  • Emergency medical technicians – often known as EMSs, these medical specialists usually work in an ambulance service where they provide pre-hospital help and safe transportation service to hospitals. They may also work in fire departments, emergency services and other similar facilities where emergency medical help is often required.
  • Medical laboratory technicians – these medical professionals are essential in laboratories to perform different kinds of medical tests, they assist in performing those tests, managing results, managing devices and nearly all other services required in the laboratory. They specialize in medical equipment and devices such as microscopes, scanners…
  • Radiology or ultrasound technicians – people who are busy in these sectors are usually working in radiology centers or large hospitals which provide full radiology diagnosis and treatment. Their job is to ensure each device is functioning correctly, each device is configured to be suitable for the patient. They also participate in X-ray and ultrasound diagnosis and treatment processes, assist it or often completely managing it.
  • Surgical technicians – this is probably one of the most common sectors for med technicians, professionals who work in this sectors are involved in the process of surgeries, helping and assisting doctors during the surgery process as well as making sure the surgery room is ready for the surgery, every tool is 100% clean and safe, in the right place.
  • Cardiovascular technicians – med professionals who work as cardiovascular technicians are usually performing different types of cardio tasks, and then they collect results and report it to the physician. They may perform echocardiograms or exams on the heart, they also often perform ultrasounds vascular scans on the heart and make a report about the results.

As you see above, there are many different paths you can choose if you want to become a med technician, you can choose different kinds of working process and different medical facilities. While some med technicians are interacting with patients on a daily basis, others may never have any direct interaction with a patient, but they work behind the scenes to ensure everything goes properly and the patient will get the best care.

Often, med tech professionals are somehow overlooked and some of them feel frustrated about it, but many still receive a lot of credits and good emotions from patients and feel comfortable with it. It is true that usually, doctors are the ones who get the most attention and credit from patients, but med technician’s job is also important, it is crucial for the most of medical processes and sectors.

Even though medical technicians are less popular than doctors, this job is still very popular, has great salary ranges and satisfy most of the people who works as med technicians, so it is still a great choice if you want to work in the medical industry.

Medicine is one of the most important industry for humanity, if not the most important and the development of it is really fast. There have been many diseases that were critical in the past and unfortunately ended many lives, but thanks to hard work of many scientists, doctors, and researchers, there have been numerous very important medical discoveries that made curing those critical diseases possible and some of them even become a piece of cake for the modern medicine.

Over the years, there has been some very important discoveries and innovations which changed the medicine forever, below are some of the most influential ones that saved a lot of lives and are still the core of medicine.


Still one of the core components of the medicine, vaccines first appeared in 1796 and it quickly becomes a very popular weapon against many diseases. The appearance of vaccines was the real deal in the 1800s as it allowed doctors to quickly and effectively combat a lot of deadly diseases including ones like smallpox virus, tuberculosis, cholera and rabies that were threatening the world for a long time.
Thanks to this discovery, one of the deadliest virus – smallpox were finally defeated and wiped out from the world.

Medical Thermometer

Probably every family has their own medical thermometer in and out times, it is a very basic medical device that doesn’t look to be any special, but there were times when it made a huge impact. Unfortunately, it isn’t confirmed when the exactly the first medical thermometer was invented but Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer in 1714 which is still widely used in the 21st century.

Medical thermometer allowed doctors to measure the temperature of the body easily and effectively, making it possible to detect issues in the body and effectively solve them. Before that, it was a real trouble to understand why a patient may feel weak and what could be the reason for different symptoms.


Can you imagine a hard, long, painful surgery going without an anesthesia? Nowadays it is unimaginable, but unfortunately, before 1846, it was a real thing. A medical surgery was a real hell for everyone and it was last, the worst decision after everything else. People hated surgeries and many patients agreed to die to avoid surgery as it was long, very painful, hell like experience that you can’t forget for the whole life. Of course, it was also very hard and unpleasant experience for doctors too, it is really hard to concentrate on such hard job when a lot of things is going around, including painful voices of patients.

Fortunately, in 1846 anesthesia started to appear and become a popular way to easily run surgeries. It allowed doctors to better do their jobs, it took a lot of pain, trouble, and fear away from patients and it allowed longer, more complex surgeries to take place. The appearance of anesthesia made surgeries a normal choice and saved a lot of lives.

Medical imagining and X-ray scans

Next one in our list is another game changer piece of technology that managed to take medicine to whole new levels and made it way faster, effective and easier. In 1846, the first ever X-ray scanner was created and the world’s first radiology department was opened, making a huge impact on how medicine was developed.

X-ray scanners allowed doctors to see through the human body and see many issues in the body that was very hard to detect without X-rays. This new technology was real game changer and it opened ways for similar discoveries.

The popularity of X-ray scanners leads to the creation of Ultrasound scanners which was another big improvement in medicine, allowing doctors to see more details in the body and discover more diseases that were bothering people. Ultrasound scanners use high-frequency sound waves to create a digital image of the body or body parts, this technology is effective to see things what normal X-ray scanners can’t detect.

Organ transplants

In 1954 medicine industry made another huge jump when first surgery was successful which transplanted a kidney. It was not the first try but it was only and first successful try which made it clear that it was actually possible to transplant organs. It quickly becomes the center of attention and leads to implantation of many organs, making the process available in most countries and that discoveries saved many lives.

Fortunately, many important medical discoveries made it possible to cure most of the deadly diseases that were incurable in the past, modern medicine is capable of nearly everything but it is still evolving and going further!


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