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The People Behind Biomedical Research

As the world continues to exist, develop, evolve and change, as we see new influential factors nearly every day, we also see new and more dangerous diseases and illnesses that are a huge threat to humanity, animals and plants, a huge threat to the whole world, the whole planet. To keep up with all of that, we need a development of medicine and for this reason, there are different kinds of medical researches, tests, experiments, different types of medical engineering…

All of that necessary processes require a lot of effort, hard work of many smart scientists, modern and advanced tech devices & facilities, a lot of time and of course, a lot of money. Still, without it, we would not have modern medicine which we have today, we would not have the ability to cure a lot of deadly diseases and probably we would not be able to survive all those centuries without a proper medical industry & development.

Today, one of the best-paid jobs are available in the medical industry, biomedical engineer’s salary is one of the highest in most countries as well as scientists are one of the highest paid professionals in the world and the reasons behind it are clear for everyone. Their job is very important for humans, animals, plants and for the whole earth itself. Their job is also one of the hardest and requires a lot of time, effort and dedication to see a success.

 All scientists, biomedical engineers, doctors and researchers who are working now or worked in the past are the ones who saved the world, who changed our lives and made deadly diseases & health issues possible to cure & fix. The process of biomedical research is hard, long, needs a lot of attention, wise decisions, and dedication, but in the end, you may get a life-changing discovery, or you may get nothing.

What is biomedical research and how it works

To get a better sense of how hard biomedical research actually is, how much effort it requires and why it still worth all of that hard work, first you need to know well what a biomedical research actually means, how it goes and why it is even needed.

Biomedical research is a very board area of science, it looks for different ways to cure diseases, solve health issues and prevent them from happening. Biomedical research is usually conducted in a laboratory and it uses different biotechnology techniques to run experiments and to get a suitable result. Discovery of new medicines, therapies and solutions is a hard task and requires wise experimentation and monitoring.

As many diseases have different effects while in a living body, there is often a need to monitor a living organism, experiment different medicines and therapies with it to find a suitable solution. For this reason, animals are often used as a test subject to ensure a potential cure is safe, has no critical side effects and is really effective against a disease.

Also, a continuous monitoring of a living body is often required to better learn and understand new diseases, understand how it reacts to different conditions, medicine and how it evolves in different environments.

Animals are most common test subjects, especially smaller animals as most diseases have similar effects on both – animal and human bodies. Also, they have a shorter life circle that makes it possible to monitor them in all lifespans in a short period of time. It is also easier to create a suitable environment for smaller animals than it would be in case of larger creatures like humans or big animals.

Most common test subjects in most countries are rats and mice as they are smaller, they are biologically quite similar to humans, they are easy to find, common in all countries & territories, have a short lifespan and are the host of many common diseases.

Each animal involved in tests and research is monitored for a long time before it is included in experiments, all data about the animal is collected and after that potentially effective solution for the animal’s disease is created. After that, the animal is the subject of experiments to see how medicine affects it, everything is still monitored for a long time. If the medicine was effective and suitable for use, then the test subject changes with a different animal and it all starts again – the final test subject is usually a human who agrees to it.

As there are different types of medical engineering, some of them are also working to find a cure for some diseases which are only common in the animals. In such cases, there is no need for human test subject participation.

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